Nigeria records 389 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country to 8,733


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control reports that 389 new cases of COVID19 were recorded yesterday, 27th May, 2020. The affected states are   Lagos-256,  Katsina-23, Edo-22,  Rivers-14,   Kano-13, Adamawa-11,  Akwa Ibom-11,   Kaduna-7,   Kwara-6,    Nasarawa-6,   Gombe-2,   Plateau-2,   Abia-2,   Delta-2,   Benue-2, Niger-2,   Kogi-2,   Oyo-2, Imo-1,   Borno-1,   Ogun-1, Anambra-1. This brings the total number  […]

Children’s Day Celebration: Former Commissioner for Women Affairs in Anambra State, Dr Uzoezie, Urges children to make good use of their Stay-At-Home


As Nigeria celebrates the Children’s Day celebration, a former Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Dr. Mrs Ego Uzoezie, has urged children to take advantage of the state government’s online teaching to keep themselves busy during this Covid-19 era. In a press statement on this year’s Children’s Day Celebration, […]

Association of People Living with Sickle cell Disorder Laments that COVID-19 has worsened their sufferings, calls for assistance


Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD) on Wednesday said the Covid-19 pandemic has hieghtened their sufferings and further rendered them incapacitated in view of their peculiar nature. The group also lamented increase in prices of their medications and hospital bills ocassioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. National Coordinator […]

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